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Dear visitor,

we want to introduce the Akkordeon-Orchester 1938 Roßdorf e. V. to you and encourage you to once visit one of our concerts.

Still many people associate the accordion solely with undemanding oompah-music. If this is your opinion too, visit our next concert. Like many others before you will be surprised what you are able to do with an accordion! For years it is our concern to change the image of accordion away from folk musik towards the fact that the accordion is suited for challenging music. Quite often we experienced that listeners who came to one of our concerts for the first time expressed their astonishment afterwards about "what can be done with this musical instrument". A typical comment we heard after an open air concert in Geissberganlage: "Before I wouldn't have gone to an accordion concert. Accordion music, well - that's not my cup of tea ... but this is really good music!" Only few people know that particularly in Germany there is quite an amount of demanding, genuine compositions for accordion. Just have a look at our Repertoire.

In 1998 Akkordeon-Orchestra Roßdorf was 60 years old. It seems that our club founded in 1938 is one of the oldest accordion orchestras in Germany. As it is no surprise that Deutsche Post AG release a stamp in honor of the club at April 1st 2001 - not in time for the 60th anniversary but at least that.

By the way: the bottom text in our logo above means "because it's simply fun".